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A Utilities web platform gets more energy

How we optimized their processes to transform their operations

Client Challenge

This company met its revenue targets every year, however for the past 3 years profitability steadily decreased. The reason for that was increased costs. They needed to determine what efficiencies to put in place to improve profitability.

Our Solution

We met with the stakeholders in each department and conducted a Discovery process, during which we identified the root causes of the inefficiencies. We then proposed several process adjustments, that would both cut costs and free up considerable time from staff. We also suggested introducing automation software as an additional way to optimize operations.


Utilities Industry




The company implemented our recommendations and within 2 fiscal quarters, profitability increased in double digits. The company’s management team was able to redirect key staff to new, revenue-generating projects, rather than focus on ever chasing operational bottlenecks, thus making the entire business more robust and lean.